First sub-center of AQSIQ Opened in Ningbo

Time: 2014-03-18    Writer: TAJ

AQSIQ: General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China

On 18th, February, AQSIQ standards and regulations center and Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau signed the 鈥淢emorandum about Establishing an 鈥楢QSIQ Standards and Regulations Center in Ningbo鈥" which means the first provincial sub-center of AQSIQ was set up. Wei Chuangzhong, deputy director of AQSIQ attended the inaugural ceremony.

Ningbo center was set up to further develop the technical trade measure in China, to help national center of AQSIQ guide and support local work, and to upgrade the execution of local technical trade measures.

National center of AQSIQ will deepen the cooperation with related bureaus in Ningbo to build Ningbo center into a professional institute which is capable of information collection, evaluation, research, training and other technical trade measures of public service. By establishing sub-center all over China, the quality of 鈥淢ade in China鈥 will be evolutionally increased. And products made in China will no more mean bad quality.

Notes: As AQSIQ sub-centers spread in China, Chinese products will bear higher quality, including lighters. But TAJ lighters have always been in good quality, so when other lighter factories are forced by government to produce good quality items, TAJ lighters can lead lighter industry by excellent quality.

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