Cigarette Lighters Fashion Show-- Spring 2014

Time: 2014-04-16    Writer: TAJ

The FIRST cigarette lighters Fashion Show is on stage now. Get a look at the most in lighters with TAJ lighter.


1.  Solar-Powered Cigarette Lighter

Instead of lighting your smoke with a namby-pamby Bic or a holier-than-thou Zippo, you could be harnessing the power of the sun! Imagine its rays streaking toward Earth like a comet trying to catch a bus, collecting in a momentous joyfulness on a small, reflective dish 鈥 that dish attached to a weird spring that itself is attached to your unlit cigarette.

Moments later鈥

*WHOOSH!!!* Your cigarette blazes to life with a quick whiff of burning tobacco leaves, the heat soon drawn into your lungs although the entire process feels like an eternity. And moments later 鈥 again, an eternity 鈥 the sweet coursing of nicotine surges through your bloodstream like a lawn dart with a chip on its shoulder, leaving you with the strength and dexterity of a dozen non-smoking mortals.

Five minutes later: break鈥檚 over. Time to go back to entertaining toddlers and their mothers at the paint-your-plate store.

Oh, and it can be used as a make-up mirror, too!



2. TAJ newly designed lighter (fashion series)

Those designs will be released during  23rd Apr. to 27th Apr.2014.

                                       Venue:    HALL 14.4 鈥揋30  , 115th Canton Fair.    

Meet us there, that is a fabulous lighters fashion show which you don't want to miss.

3.  USB Cigarette Lighter with UV Lighter

USB Cigarette Lighter with UV Light is a great gadget. It is not only a cigarette lighter but also a money checker. Built in a rechargeable battery and it can be recharged via USB. Convenient to Use!


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