Wanna be the Party King? Virtual Lighter helps

Time: 2014-04-25    Writer: TAJ

      Virtual Lighter is a funny app to use at party, at work, at home, in a club or bar, in a theater, in school etc. it can help        you become the center of attention.

Virtual Lighter is so real you鈥檒l want to light a cigarette with it. And it鈥檚 the only 鈥渓ighter鈥 you can bring on a plane! With this lighter, you can hold the lighter above your head at concerts without the risk of setting your hair on fire.

:-), you can tilt your phone, and watch the flame follows your movements. 

So, just flick, wave around and enjoy. Choose your favorite style and show it off right now!




Realistic flame and sound

Gravity of the flame

Different lighter models with different images: bone, car, cow, eagle, red eye, heart, princess lovers, rusty weapon, women, skulls, motorcycle, lion

Flame Special Effects, the heart / hearts, kisses, skulls, women, stars, ghosts

Special sound effects: fart, heart, kiss, laugh, ghosts, etc.

Movement of the flame depending on the orientation of the device / the flame reacts with the movement of the lighter

Extinguish the lighter鈥檚 flame with a quick movement of the mobile (lighter) to one side.

Extinguish the flame by touching the screen.

Blow lightly on the fire to move the flame

Blow out the flame by strongly blowing into the microphone

Concert mode: turn off the microphone to let it burn permanently

Special Sound Effects

  Have a look to what people wrote about this app:

Bryan Edwards, San Francisco: 鈥淣ice app, there is a flame for every occasion, classic, romantic, funny, dark, ancient, etc.鈥

Gwen Foster, London: 鈥淚 loved using this app at my last Madonna concert, worked super!鈥

James T. Warren, New York: 鈥淎 great lighter app that always gets me a laugh when I am in the smoker鈥檚 area and a nice girl asks for a light.鈥

Julio Banderas, Buenos Aires: 鈥淕ood app! It is not the usual boring lighter that you see everywhere. My children and I like it very much as it has also some particular flames.鈥

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